Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why the Transcontinental?

A number of reasons. The other blogs went off the rails fairly quickly, but I'm hoping this one will make it.

So, why the Transcontinental?

I'm hoping to evoke the gentle spirit of the late playwright and broadcaster Otto Lowy, host of the well-loved CBC Radio series of the same name. We can rest assured that CBC will never broadcast a show like it again.

Every week he told us stories from Mitteleuropa - mainly his native Austria, through which he evoked the Austo-Hungarian Empire in all its decadent glory.

This is what I shall humbly attempt to do. And as we are just beginning this journey, I shall say little else.


K-Dough said...

I'm titilated and confused.

Everything is normal.

chris miller said...

I like trains -- and I like Canada -- so I guess I'm in the right place.

(as long as Canadian trains keep a higher standard than AMTRAK )

Sylvia said...

Strange coincidence... Last night I was trying to remember the name of Otto Lowey's program (which my father never missed and I was too young to appreciate) and today I find your link to me. Hmm... Anyway, thanks for the link!