Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I know I should be putting more up here, but! Please, one day.

In the interim, I post this youtube video of a monkey throwing poop at an old lady. No seriously, the exact opposite of that.

This is a kind of response to Gawain's post yesterday about the mysteriousness of singing. Watching Fischer-Dieskau puts this performance over the top. Between enjoyment and chills, a sickening sense of doom....simply unbelievable.

And Gerald Moore's hands! My God!

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eusebius said...

it is truly amazing. i think f-d has the best singer eyebrows of anyone ever ;) the way he switches characters without moving anything below the neck is uncanny!

i have to say, though, as a collaborative pianist, that i'm somewhat gratified that even gerald moore uses a hand-splitting hack to get through that hellish opening. you can barely tell the difference at that speed, but every two beats he alternates octaves between the hands. i don't feel quite so inadequate now :)