Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Hear Music

I Hear Music, the last truly intelligent and creative show on CBC Radio 2, the one show that actually pulled together popular and classical music convincingly and sincerely, goes off the air forever in about 15 minutes.

Robert Harris, along with all the other casualties in CBCs relentless drive towards mediocrity, will be sorely missed. Each of his shows was a beautiful argument for the relevance of all kinds of music in our world.

As I speak, he is playing Feist, and somehow, he makes it seem as though she belongs on CBC Radio 2, not because focus groups say so, but because she speaks to us in some meaningful way.

Feist has taken a lot of flack in the changes at Radio Two as an example of the lowering of the bar, but the problem, to me, has never been that there will be more popular music on CBC, but that popular music, or classical music, or any music, will not be presented intelligently, and that the CBC is no longer a place where music lovers can cut their teeth.

Thanks Robert Harris, and here's to hoping we will hear from you again.

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