Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Observation

The linguistic philosophy of Jacques Derrida is quite similar to that of Wilfid Sellars. The fact that one is derided as a charlatan and the other as an important, if perhaps obscure, philosopher reminds that that, even in philosophy, it seems that sociology is the true Queen of the Sciences.


waggish said...

I will not stand to hear Sellars called a charlatan. He is a serious philosopher and the ridicule he has suffered is due to others' lack of understanding, perhaps abetted by his own lack of clarity at points.

Andrew W. said...

Waggish, I completely agree! The problem with blogging is that I'm never certain if the irony of my post made it to you, or if the comment you've made is ironic.

The "straight" comment I'm making is that neither is a charlatan!