Friday, April 09, 2010

A Query

How is it that the greatest challenge facing many of us today is which cell phone to buy? It's an issue fraught with peril - does one get a "smart" phone and reach into the future of complete social connection coupled with physical alienation, or does one stick with the cell phone?

Am I the only one who finds this a task of surprising difficulty? Of course, here at The Transcontinental, the question is never really these ones, but why is it such a challenge? I'm at a loss. Any suggestions?


James said...

Same problem here. Definitely go smart phone -- but which one? If your company provides a blackberry that's a good way to go -- else avoid it. Then your main choices are iPhone or Android. I'm waiting for a Windows Phone in October -- but I'm a Microsoft junky.

Andrew W. said...

James, I think you're right. I don't really want a Blackberry, so I was thinking about going with the Omnia 2.

A lot of it is coming down to money right now!

Paul said...

Money is certainly not a bad way to approach the issue. I do miss my former employer's willingness to pay for my data plan...since my descent into academia, my personal telecommunications accoutrements have swung distinctly downmarket.

My Luddite phone serves fine when I need to, you know, talk to to people, but I do miss the ability look up book reviews and the like when out and about.

This mild inconveninece does not translate to a willingness to shell out an extra US$30-60 per month.

Andrew W. said...

I too am descending into academia this fall...which is another consideration.

And then I think - do I really need the internet between home and work? If only I could get rid of one of them!