Thursday, January 03, 2008

Chicago Symphony Broadcasts

Hey, did anyone out there know that the Chicago Symphony keeps a 2 week archive of radio broadcast series online, right here? I know the New York Philharmonic does this as well, but they make you use Real Player. You can play the CSO broadcasts straight off their site.

I would heartily encourage you to listen to the December 30 broadcast, a rebroadcast of a 2005 concert featuring the world premiere of Elliott Carter's Soundings. Daniel Barenboim's introduction to the work alone is worth the trouble-free listening from America's Second City!

Over time, I would like to gather a list of all the major orchestras and organizations who provide this kind of service to the general public, a truly selfless act on their part, and one which needs to be well-publicized.


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Gawain said...

and WHAT an orchestra! thanks!
btw, i've been listening to the croatian and austrian radio for classical music - their night programs are fantastic -- and Radio France Culture for interesting, thinking, cultural programs which rarely -- if ever -- are in any way connected to politics. (A rarity in anglo-saxon). (I think "culture" in English means "insinuations about politics", no?)