Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Fresh Start

Could I really post every day? I see all these people who do, and I'm certainly not one of them. The pair who let me see that blogging could be an honourable pastime have tapered off their own work, Conrad, I suspect, to focus on his studies, and Gawain because his blog was a victim of its own success.

Myself, never having had either of their successes in the blogosphere, I have secretly enjoyed the near anonymity my esoteric and occasional posting strategy has garnered. I too check my stats, and discover that half the visits I receive in a day are from me!

As I have said before, one of the things I find difficult is the anonymity of my posting. So starting today, I'm going to post under my own name. Well, most of it. And I'll get a photo up there, at some point. I am one of those people who doesn't like to put things up halfways, which I've come to realise is an excuse to never put anything up at all.

On that note, here's to at least 366 more posts this year.


Gawain said...


i am glad you are picking up the slack; ill build you up at my place and lets see if we can get your place to become the place to be for a while. ill be by often for that purpose. but, please, do not let your precious standards slip just because you are posting daily, ok? :) (not that i ever thought you would). give us something to chat about each day, keep it high brow but not too demanding -- and well - it just might happen! bon chance!

and happy new year to you!

Andrew W. said...

Thanks Gawain, your support means a lot to me!