Thursday, April 03, 2008

CBC National Day of Action

Peter McGillivray left a comment on one of my CBC posts that deserves to be put up top!

Here it is:

Just to let you know, a National Day of Action is planned for Friday April 11th. We're going to have demonstrations at as many CBC installations as we possibly can to protest the changes to Radio Two and the axing of the CBC Radio Orchestra. Come visit the Facebook event site for more details

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, here are the details, from the site:

9am PST: Victoria: 1025 Pandora Avenue

9am PST: Vancouver: 775 Cambie Street
John Oliver, are you interested?

10am MST: Calgary: 1724 Westmount Blvd. NW
Contact - Andrew Nowry

10am MST: Edmonton: 23 Edmonton City Centre, 10062-102nd Avenue
Contact - Scott Bursey

11am CST: Regina: 2440 Broad Street

11am CST: Winnipeg: 541 Portage Avenue

11am CST: Thunder Bay: 213 East Miles Street

12pm EST: Toronto: 250 Front Street West
Contact Peter McGillivray (though I will probably be in Edmonton - could somebody else take over Toronto?)

12pm EST: Sudbury: 15 MacKenzie Street

12pm EST: Windsor:825 Riverside Drive West

12pm EST: Ottawa: 181 Queen Street, Ottawa
Meet at Sparks Street entrance

12pm EST: Montreal: 1400 Rene Levesque East
Contact-Alexandra Fol

1pm AST: Fredericton: 1160 Regent Street

1pm AST: Saint John: 560 Main Street

1pm AST: Moncton: 250 University Avenue

1pm AST: Halifax: 1601 South Park

1pm AST: Charlottetown: 430 University Avenue
Contact Kate Huston

1:30pm NST: St John's: 25 Henry Street

Let's make sure we get this movement off Facebook and into the general public as well. over 100 people showed up in Vancouver. If we can get even 20 to show up at each CBC station we will have made a huge statement.

For inspiration check out the following group sites:
Save Classical Music at the CBC

Save the CBC Radio Orchestra

If you agree to show up to one of the protests, please sign the Facebook wall and tell us which city you live in so we can get an idea of numbers. Thanks, Canada!

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Tomzilla said...

Please sign the online petition at:

The site was launched April 1st and has collected 5000 names at the time of this writing, averaging over 1000 signatories per day. Help keep the momentum going. EMail your contacts about the petition.