Thursday, December 11, 2008

Elliott Carter, 100 years and still alive despite the fact that he killed classical music for the People

The best part about Eliott Carter's centenary is that, for perhaps the first time ever in modern classical music marketing, the composer we are lionizing today with concerts, retrospectives, symposia, ephemera, salutary compositions, and sombre critical inquiry over the very fate and nature of classical/modern/serious music is the following:


It's nice to think that he's around to get some kind of bemused enjoyment out of all of this.

And the entire classical blogosphere has typed lauds into their blogs as well, a veritable youtube symphony of praise.

That's pretty much it. Oh yes, and this:

Serialism forever! Tonalität ist tot!

Nuts to you, Sandow and Gann, with your zany post-classical future of classical music wickedness!

Schönberg! Schönberg! Schönberg! (although he too, is dead)

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