Monday, December 01, 2008

Kein Mampf

So I was at the World's Biggest Bookstore a few weeks ago, and I noticed this:

So just to be clear- you can't buy Mein Kampf at Indigo or the World's Biggest Bookstore or Chapters, but you can buy a book on how to read it.

I almost feel bad pointing this out, actually. Perhaps it's a sobering reflection on staff turnover in the warehouse bookstore industry. Or, and I'd put my money on this, perhaps someone is playing a dark joke on their boss, Heather Reisman.

I mean, look who they've stuck next to Hitler! His old school chum! And right below him lurks Heidegger!

Anyway, if it was a joke, here's to you, anonymous Indigo book buyer!

And if it wasn't, well, God help us all.

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